It's the things we leave behind that ...


About The Writer.

Gi-aae Kwon is a writer and home cook who is interested in the mashed-up thing that is life. She works a full-time job, blogs at The Toilet Papers, and loves to travel whenever she can. She is currently based in Los Angeles and is looking for her way back home to Brooklyn.


About The Things Left Behind.

This is a passion project. The Things Left Behind is an online publication that explores the intersection of food and story-telling and uses meals as a conduit through which to explore community and relationships and our position in the world at-large. New pieces are published every other Sunday.


About The Photography.

All the photographs on this site are shot on an iPhone 7, which is both a budgetary and intentional decision. Very little is staged, and nothing has been styled — these are photographs snapped casually and quickly at the end of a meal as the table has been left or on a kitchen counter after a meal has been cooked.